There are many good reasons for wearing uniform; uniform creates an identity, it encourages a feeling of belonging and of having pride in the school and in appearance; it minimises differences and is by far the most sensible, smart and affordable way to dress during school time.  Parental cooperation is essential if we are to achieve this high standard.

All students in Years 7 - 11 are required to wear school uniform and no exceptions will be made.  No student will go to lessons incorrectly dressed.  Any student who arrives at school inappropriately dressed, for example wearing trousers which are tight-fitting or a skirt which is not in the school tartan, will have to change into the correct uniform from stock which we hold in school and parents will be kept informed.  Any persistent refusal to follow the school dress code may result in more serious sanctions being applied, including exclusion.
Everything should be clearly named, including purses and pencil cases.  Backwell uniform, including sportswear for PE, is compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 11; it is designed to be smart, practical, comfortable and affordable.

Where to buy uniform ...

Uniform can be purchased from our uniform supplier, Price and Buckland, via their website by clicking on the following link:

You will have full access to our school uniform, including detailed sizing charts.  Delivery of your child's uniform can be made either to the school for you to collect, or to an address of your choice.  The delivery service to school is made twice a month, on the second and fourth Monday during term time only.  Please see the delivery information on the Price and Buckland website for further details.

If you encounter any problems in accessing Price and Buckland's website, or in placing your order, please contact their Customer Services department direct on 0115 964 0827 for further assistance.


Uniform List

School polo shirt

With school badge and appropriate House colour trim.

This item must be purchased from the school's uniform supplier (for details, please see below).

School jumper


Navy blue knitted jumper with embroidered school badge and appropriate House colour stripe.

This item must be purchased from the school's uniform supplier.





Formal, black trousers, tailored style only.

The school's uniform supplier stocks  school trousers.  Trousers must be tailored in style and loose fitting.  If parents are able to match the style by purchasing from high street stores, this is acceptable. If you wish to buy trousers from another supplier please check that they conform to the same specification as those available from our official suppliers.  We do not allow denim, canvas or chino styled trousers.  No leggings, jeggings, very narrow leg or tight fitting items.  No zips, studs or rolled-up styles.

Please click on the links below to see  examples of what is, and what is not, acceptable:

School Trousers


School tartan patterned skirt, knee-length.

This item can only be purchased from the school's uniform supplier.

If tights are worn they must be black or neutral in colour and not be footless.
Socks must be plain black.  No socks over tights.
Sensible, plain black, flat shoes of a design that can be polished.

Trainers and canvas shoes are not permitted.  No boots and no high heels.

Please click on the links below to view acceptable school shoes, as well as examples of what is not acceptable:

School Shoes

Any sensible, weatherproof outdoor garment.

Coats should be predominately one colour.  No denim or leather jackets or hooded sweatshirts.  Fluorescent bands or strips are encouraged to be worn for road safety purposes.  We do not allow hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts or jumpers (other than school jumpers) as a replacement for a coat.  Hoodies and inappropriate coats will be confiscated, returned to students at the end of the school day and parents informed.

Only watches are allowed.  Maximum of one pair of earrings (stud or sleeper). 

No other facial piercings, spacer-style or spiked earrings are allowed.  Students will be asked to remove any other form of piercing.
 Nail varnish
Only clear nail varnish is allowed and students will be asked to remove coloured nail varnish.
Make-up is only allowed if it is applied discreetly; heavy make-up is not permitted and students will be asked to remove this.
Hair to be groomed and a natural, single colour.  No unnatural coloured hair dye.  No extreme forms of hairstyle are acceptable.

Vest:  If a student feels the need for a vest under their polo shirt, only plain white is to be worn.  This must not be visible at the neck.  No T-shirts under polo shirts.

Indoor Wear:  Students are not permitted to wear hats, scarves or coats indoors.

Outer Wear:  Please note that the rule regarding hoodies being worn as coats, also applies to 'school hoodies' (for example school trip or club hoodies).  These are not allowed to be worn around school site.

Earphones are not to be visible or in use during learning time or while students are making their way between lessons.




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