What is the Service Premium?

As part of the Military Covenant the British Government has paid the Service Premium to schools since 2011. For each child of serving personnel schools receive £300. This is to be spent supporting these children as the government recognises that children of service families can need additional support due to mobility issues.  

Eligibility for Pupil Premium Grant

Children are eligible for service premium if they are an Ever 6 service child. For 2018 to 2019, this means that either:  

  • One of their parents is serving in the regular armed forces, and this is registered in the January 2018 census, or
  • They have been registered as a service child in any school census since January 2013

Children can also qualify for the premium if one of their parents died while serving in the armed forces. The grant applies up to Year 11 and in the financial year 2018-19, schools will receive £300 per eligible pupil.  

Service premium and pupil premium grants address different types of need, a child could attract both streams of funding if they are eligible.  

What are our aims for the Service Premium? 

Eligible schools receive the premium so that they can offer mainly pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment.  

Mobility is when a service family is posted from one location to another, including overseas and within the UK.  

Deployment is when a service person is serving away from home for a period of time. This could be a 6 to 9 month tour of duty, a training course or an exercise which could last for a few weeks.   As examples, the following can be considered:

  • Counselling provision
  • Nurture groups
  • Improving communication between deployment families and children
  • Supporting transition

Information for parents

If you have any questions about the Service Premium or ideas for how you would wish your child to be supported please contact: mailbox@backwellschool.net